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Bilingualism and Autism Project
Development Autism Research Technology (DART)
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RAMDEI (Research Association for Multilingual Development, Education and Intervention)
Studies of multilingualism and autism spectrum disorders
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For Children with Autism, Multiple Languages May be a Boon. (July, 2016) written by Ann Griswold. First published in Spectrum. Reprinted in Scientific American. 
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Bilingualism and Autism Fact Sheet (Downloadable PDF) (January, 2016) A fact sheet written by Dr. Sue Fletcher-Watson. Retrieved from the University of EdinburghBilingualism and Autism research website.

Bilingualism and Autism. (2013) A blog post written by Dr. Elizabeth Peña on the 2 Languages 2 Worlds website
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語言發展家長指南,舊金山加州州立大學 (2012)


Carrie Slaymaker, M.A., CCC-SLP, 討論當自閉症兒的家庭語言和學校使用的語言不同時幫助孩子保持雙語的好處。

John Consalvi, M.A., CCC-SLP, LinguaHealth 的 CEO 訪問美國明尼蘇達大學的名譽教授 Kathryn Kohnert 博士, PhD, CCC-SLP。他們討論雙語在語言病理學領域的重要性。




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